Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Review of "Connect the Dots and Color" Android app

     Earlier today I mentioned a preschool app being offered for free today in the Amazon Appstore for Android.  I've had some time to use it now and wanted to offer up a quick review.
While the app has been getting mostly negative reviews (2 star average as of this writing) I actually thought better of it than that.  I knew from reading the reviews that the main complaint was that the "connect-the-dot" pictures didn't start with the letter they were supposed to illustrate.  (The letter E for instance uses a picture of a fire truck that incorporates the E structure into the connect-the-dot design.)  Knowing this  beforehand made it easier to deal with while exploring it.  It's possible that it might be confusing for a preschooler but not as much as some reviewers seemed to think.  Kids don't always think too deeply about the meanings that we adults assign to things.
     Our seven year old daughters were very fascinated by the coloring of the pictures after they connected the dots.  They blew through the whole alphabet and started over again with the numbers.  They actually started arguing over whose turn it was to color.  I would have assumed they were too old to have any interest in a game designed for preschool aged kids.  I think in a similar way most preschoolers will easily overlook the fact that the pictures don't start with the letter being illustrated.  This app will let them have some fun while gaining familiarity with letters and numbers.
     Definitely get this game if only for the fact that it's free.  You shouldn't be surprised though if your child ends up loving it and being fascinated by all the dot-connecting and coloring.

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Free preschool app today (1/24) at Amazon.com

Amazon's Android app store has a free app every day.  Today's free app is "Connect the Dots and Color".  It's an app for preschoolers that helps with learning numbers and letters while letting them create art. 
You can beat the price so I would head right over and pick it up before it goes back to $1.99!
Amazon Appstore

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Silly Snow Day Superstitions

Last night my twins wanted to flush ice-cubes down the toilet and make a wish for a snow day.  They have some new Lego's that arrived via UPS yesterday and they have big plans to play with them today.  They went all out and flushed ice cubes down 2 of our toilets and made a double wish.  Well, guess what.....it's a snow day!  Yeah for snow!  They will be so excited.

What silly snow day superstitions have you heard of?  I've also heard of sleeping with a spoon under the pillow and wearing pj's inside out & backwards.   I'm not at all a superstitious person but I am a fan of having fun and being silly.  I think we'll make some snow ice cream today :)

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Snow Ice Cream.

One of our all-time favorite winter activities is making snow ice cream.  We've not been very fortunate in the snow department of late but when it does come we are sure to make some.  Rather than repeat the recipe you can click here to see an older post about this fun and delicious treat.
Do you have any other "cool" ideas for snow food?  Leave a comment below!

The finished product!

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fun with Boxes

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  We enjoyed the holiday's very much.  We did a lot of online shopping for Christmas presents this year.  What this means is that we have an abundance of boxes.  I think my kids enjoy boxes as much as the gifts inside (and sometimes more).  They get so creative with boxes.   Houses, cars, puppet theaters, doll houses, store fronts, treasure boxes, boats, drive-in- movie theaters, etc.   These are just a few of the fun things my kids enjoy creating with boxes.   I wonder at what age kids stop being entertained by boxes.  If you have some fun ideas involving boxes, please share!

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