Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dairy-free, soy free, gluten free and peanut free "ice-cream"

My daughter has some food allergies so it's always wonderful when we find good frozen treat alternatives for her.  I'm going to give this super easy recipe a try.   We have SunButter in the pantry and frozen bananas in the freezer.  We're going to a birthday party today and since she can't have cake or ice cream, I think I might bring some along.   A two ingredient "ice-cream" made with SunButter and frozen bananas.  Doesn't get much easier.   Enjoy!   SunButter ice-cream

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Enjoying Summer

What fun activities have you been doing this summer?  It seems like my kids and I have been gone nearly everyday for the past few weeks.   We've been trying to pack in play dates with friends we don't get to see often during the school year.  We've done several picnics at parks, beach days & pool days.   We've also been having fun getting good use out of our zoo and museum memberships.   Have I told you lately how much I love memberships?!! They save me a lot of money.   We went ice skating a couple weeks ago.   That was something different and really fun for my kids.  On hot days (we've had a LOT of really HOT days!) when we are at home, we bought a slip and slide that is great fun.   My kids also love to get a pile of paintbrushes and buckets of water and invite friends over to "paint" the house, deck, patio, rocks, etc.  I fill the kid pool up with water and let them go to town painting whatever their hearts desire.  Fun stuff.   It's great that kids are as happy as can be with simple summer pleasures such as a $15.00 pool, a $10.00 slip and slide and a pack of balloons from the dollar store.  Add a few friends in the mix and it's a grand day!   Some things we are still looking forward to doing:  Blueberry picking, a vacation to a cottage on lake and a mommy/daughters trip to Shipshewana, Indiana.  I need to get busy planning our girls trip!   I would love to hear about some of your summer activities and adventures.

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