Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Earth Day Activities and Crafts

Are you planning to do anything special with your children or students for Earth Day? A really fun and easy craft for kids is to let them make a junk collage. Provide a variety of "junk items" and let them use their imagination creating. Check out my Earth Day post for more ideas.

This is also a great day to get some seeds planted. It's not warm enough here in the north to start the garden yet but I bought some flower and vegetable seeds for my kids to plant in little pots inside. The dollar area at Target has some cute tin pots. When it's warm enough (usually mid to late May) we will transfer our plants to the garden outside.

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Fun Easter Crafts, Activities and Ideas (Christian and Traditional)

We were healthy all winter but Spring brought us a round of sickness. Tonsillitis and ear infections for the kids and a cold that turned into a sinus infection for me. The kids are now better and I will be on the mend soon as I finally went to the doctor and started my antibiotics yesterday. I've been sick for almost two weeks and the sinus infection is pretty bad. I was looking at some old blog posts and crazy enough, this time last year we were just getting over being sick too. You can find some True Meaning of Easter Ideas by checking my Easter blog post from last year.

The weather here has been gorgeous. We enjoyed an outdoor Easter Egg hunt last weekend and today we are decorating Easter eggs. I also filled a large basket full of plastic Easter eggs and the kids are having a blast hiding them around the house today and filling them will little toys. I filled our themed book basket with some of my favorite Easter books for the kids to look at and read. About the book basket: I keep a large basket in the living room that I fill with special themed books. These are books that don't stay out all of the time but I bring them out for a week or two and then swap them out for the next theme.

If I can gather enough energy (this sinus infection is the pits!) I am also going to cut out a couple of large Ovals from construction paper (for eggs) and let the kids paint them and tear little pieces of tissue paper to stick onto the painted eggs. An easy but fun last minute art project.

I hope that you all have a wonderful Easter!

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