Saturday, June 25, 2011

Red, White and Blue Chocolate Dipped Stawberries!

I recently brought home a bunch of juicy red strawberries from the strawberry farm. We've been eating them everyday. I've been making jam, freezing strawberries, making smoothies, Popsicles, etc. I was looking for a strawberry muffin recipe and somehow I stumbled upon a really cool recipe for red, white and blue chocolate dipped strawberries. They are so cute and look yummy too. I think I'm going to give these a try for the Fourth of July. I know my girls would love to help me make them and they would for sure help eat them! Red, White and Blue Strawberries. Enjoy!

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

So many things in our little lives!

Our family has been hit hard with sadness over the past 9 months.  First my dad passed away in August, 2010, five months later in January our wonderful dog Cazzie passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly.   Last month, we had to say goodbye to our sweet little dog Ally.  She was an American Eskimo like Cazzie.  She was our older of the two.  We enjoyed 15 wonderful years with her.  I never expected to lose both of my beautiful dogs only 4 months apart from each other.  Our home is not the same without our furry babies to enjoy it with us.  Between all of the grief we've faced in less than a years time, our move (I still haven't unpacked everything yet) and everyday life,  I have pretty much been neglecting this blog.  To be quite honest, some days, the grief seems like more than I can handle.  I manage though.  My kids insist that I put on a happy face and keep them busy.  Kids are great about not letting you wallow in sadness. 

We are now in the full swing of summer.  We've had park days, play dates, a trip to the zoo, a parade, cook-outs, a visit to the strawberry farm, a baseball game, mini golf, outdoor picnics, a trip to the library (to get a pile of books and sign up for the summer reading club), several bike rides and lots of water play.   We are currently getting a little break from the heat.  The past couple days it's been gloomy & raining so I've been busy making strawberry jam, freezing strawberries and making some strawberry treats.   Like I said, kids are great about not letting you sit around and be sad.  They keep me busy and I am very thankful for that!  I hope everyone else is having a great summer so far.  I'm hoping and praying for a fun summer for my family and a break from sad stuff happening for a long while!

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