Monday, January 27, 2014

Lot's of Snow!

Here in Michigan, we are getting dumped on with snow!  Today is a snow day at our house.  Usually on snow days, my kids love to go outside to build forts, sled down our side hill in the yard, and make snow art.   I fill several plastic spray bottles with water and food coloring.  My kids go outside and spray paint designs in the snow.  My yard usually fills up with neighbor friends too so it's nice to have a few spray bottles handy.   Today (and tomorrow) it's too cold to go outside.   When my kids were toddler and preschool age, I used to bring the snow inside.  I also used to put snow in the sensory table bins when I taught preschool.  At home,  I used a big plastic Rubbermaid style bin or filled the bathtub with snow.  Just have the kids wear mittens, put towels on the floor and let the fun begin.  Snow ice cream is also lots of fun to make and eat.  Here is a recipe that I posted awhile back for some yummy snow ice cream.   Another fun thing to do is have an easy arts and crafts day.  Coffee filter snow flakes are always fun and easy to make.  They look pretty hanging in the windows.  Homemade play dough is great for keeping those little hands busy on indoor days too.  I recently saw a recipe for super soft play dough.  The ingredients are 1 part conditioner to 2 parts corn starch.  You can also add a couple drops of food coloring if you want to add color.  Put the conditioner in a bowl and add the corn starch.  Stir together and then add the food coloring and work it through with your hands.  I suggest wearing some latex or vinyl gloves so your hands don't get stained.   I have not personally tried this version of play dough but it sounds like it would be worth a try.   Happy snow day fun!

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